• Desander RMT100A

Desander RMT100A

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Product Description


RMT series desander  is mainly used in modern foundation construction. Such as wall stabilizing, drilling and any other construction using. It has several advantages:

1、Reuse of the slurry, thus save the material of making slurry, reduce the cost.

2、Decease the environment pollution as the design of the desander by closed cycle and lower water content in the waste.

3、Improve the efficiency of drilling hole.

4、Enhance the quality of hole by full purification of the sewage.


Main feature:

1、The vibrating screen is easy to operate, install and maintain.

2、Advanced straight type make good effect of dewatering.

3、Efficiency of the vibrating screen is high, can be applied to drilling in varies geologies.

4、Voice of the vibrating screen is very low, good for the environment.。

5、Energy saving due to high power and low power consumption.

6、The vibrating force, screen angle and screen size are adjustable.

7、Special recoil device can stop the block in the slurry tank,so can make sure to normal operation of the desander.

8、Advanced structure of corrosion resistance slurry pump can be standard used and maintain easily, thick grinding parts and bracket is suitable to transport.

9、The hydrocyclone of the desander is in good performance of separating. At the same time, the material is abrasion and corrosion resistance,so it can work in bad condition for long time without maintenance.

10、Our innovate liquid balance device can not only keep the stability of the storage tank level, but also can realize the recycling use of the slurry.



Max capacity(m3/h)100
Cut point(mm) d50=0.04
Main pump motor power(kw)18.5
Vibration motor power(kw)1.1x2
Water content of screened slag<30%
 Sludge density in high purified efficiency<1.2g/cm3
Transportation dimension(LxWxH)(m)3.0x1.8x2.3
Total weight(kg)2650

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