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The Working Principle of Desnader

Jun. 12, 2017

Our Desnader in accordance to ministry of development atlas usual, it obtains extra innovation in the fundamental of several years, the effect of degassing gets more improved. According to basic principle of centrifugal sedimentation and density difference, when water fluid goes in into tangential solid control equipment, it will be involved into rotation under the certain pressure. Since the water and sand density is different, in the purpose of centrifugal force, entad buoyancy and fluid drag force make the reduced density pure water increasing and discharged from overflow, the huge density sand will subside to bottom and discharged from draining sand to attain the intention of degassing. In a specific variety and situation, the consumption stress of degasser is huger, the degassing efficacy will huger and also can be utilized of lots of sets of parallel link.


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