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Current Situation of Rotary Piling Rig

Jun. 29, 2017

Since high-speed rail accident happened in half of 2011, the decline of domestic Rotary Piling Rig market sales is larger, the main market requirement for rotary drilling quality and bearing capacity increasingly high demand, forcing the industry set off a wave of recombination storm. Many host manufacturers and supporting business gradually eliminated because they cannot adapt to changes in market demand. A cruel market war has resulted in the overall upgrading and diversification of product quality, performance and construction methods for the leading manufacturers in the industry.

As a professional Rotary Piling Rig Manufacturer, in order to meet the requirements of the time, our company has invested a great deal of manpower and material resources to develop a new series of rotary drilling rigs to meet the more requirements of customers for construction projects.

Rotary Piling Rig

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