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Application of Diaphragm Wall Grab

Jul. 24, 2017

The technical cost of the Diaphragm Wall Grab is high. At present, our country mainly import the technology and equipment of Germany and Italy.

Fortunately, the technology has been greatly developed in China, but only the Foundation Machinery is not as stable as the products in the western countries.

The diaphragm wall grab is widely used in the construction of underground parking garages and subway construction in our country.

The underground continuous wall along the axis around the deep excavation engineering, in mud conditions, dig a narrow deep groove, groove cleaning, dipping in the groove reinforcement cage, and then use the catheter underwater concreting into a unit slot, so by segment, built into a continuous the reinforced concrete wall in underground, as cut water, seepage, bearing, water retaining structure.

Diaphragm Wall Grab

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