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What Is Desander?

Aug. 22, 2017

Desander is returned to the ground in the mud purification system, the equipment is used to remove cuttings and sand mud. It is divided into two types of mechanical and hydraulic.

Mechanical desander is mainly through mud shaker, vibration sieve, structure destruction of mud, the cuttings and sand from the screen slide, mud flowed from under the screen. Hydraulic mud desander cyclone desander, it will first pump mud into the cyclone. The pump direction is directed along the tangent to the inner wall of the container, and the slurry is rotated by centrifugal, the structure is destroyed, and the drilling cuttings and sand flow from the funnel, and the mud flows out from the upper end of the container. Mud hydrocyclone desanding effect is better than vibration sieve, in recent years it has been widely used in deep well drilling.


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