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The Development Trend of Diaphragm Wall Grab

Oct. 17, 2017

Diaphragm Wall Grab also known as the underground continuous wall, it is the foundation works with a trench machinery on the ground. Along the axis around the deep excavation engineering, in mud conditions, dig a narrow deep groove. Tank cleaning after dipping in the groove reinforcement cage, and then use the catheter underwater concreting into a slot unit. 

1.Diaphragm wall grab is widely used for prefabricated pile and slab continuously. It has smooth wall, good quality and high strength.

2.The technology of Diaphragm Wall is developing in the direction of large depth and high precision. 

3.Polymer mud has been applied, high polymer mud has been used more and more. 

4.Waste mud treatment technology has been widely adopted, and some countries have reached all treatment emissions.

Diaphragm Wall Grab

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