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What Is the Advantages of Diaphragm Wall Grab?

Oct. 19, 2017

1.When construction, it has low vibration, low noise, fast construction speed and large depth.Diaphragm Wall Grab is suitable for the construction of deep foundation pit support and the reverse construction method in the urban dense building group.

2.The rigidity of the diaphragm wall is large, the integrity, seepage resistance and durability is good, quality is reliable. 

3.The diaphragm wall can be built close to the original building, and it can be used in the reverse construction method. 

4.Less land occupation, it can make full use of the limited ground and space within the building red line, give full play to the investment benefit.

5.It is suitable for various foundation conditions, and also can used as rigid foundation.

6.It is very safe and economical to use diaphragm wall grab as vertical seepage control structure of earth dam, tailings dam and sluice.

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Diaphragm Wall Grab

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