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Do You Know Mud Solidification Unit Structure?

Oct. 12, 2017

The structure of Mud Solidification Unit consists of three parts: frame, compacting mechanism, filtration mechanism. 

The frame is the basic component of mud solidification unit. The two ends are thrust plate and compression head. The two sides stick together to support the filter plate, frame and compression plate. In order to meet the high sanitation requirement, the frame needs to be packed with stainless steel, its quality can meet the needs of European customers.

Compacting mechanism include manual compression, mechanical compression, hydraulic compression.

The filtration mechanism is composed of filter plate, filter frame, filter cloth and press diaphragm. Both sides of the filter plate are coated with filter cloth, when a press diaphragm is arranged, a group of filter plates is composed of diaphragm plate and a side plate.

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Mud Solidification Unit

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