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How To Protect Horizontal Directional Drilling in Winter?

Feb. 10, 2018

Winter is getting colder and colder. Some improper practices will bring great damage to your beloved Horizontal Directional Drilling. Maintain and inspect it in time in Winter can ensure our equipment in good state of operation, then how to maintain Trenchless Machinery properly? The reasonable choice of oil:

1.Diesel. Due to the differences of North and South, the improper selection of diesel will appear wax phenomenon, affect the normal engine start. The different grades of oil can be considered as the temperature of the condensing point, you should select correct corresponding brand diesel oil according to the local temperature to the regular gas station. 

2.According to the working environment of choosing oil engine viscosity, it need to add CH-4 and above level of the oil. But we also should pay attention to that: it is strictly prohibited to use mixed oil with different marks and different brand oil. 

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