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Do You Know the Construction Features of Horizontal Directional Drilling?

Sep. 21, 2017

Horizontal Directional Drill is widely used in water supply, electric power, telecommunication, natural gas, pipeline laying and so on. It is suitable for sand, clay, cobble and other places. Most of the non hard rock areas in our country can be constructed.

1.Horizontal directional drilling construction can not block the traffic, will not damage the green vegetation. 

2.Modern crossing equipment through high precision easy to adjust the direction and depth of pipeline laying. It can completely meet the design requirements and can make the pipeline bypassing the underground obstacles.

3.The adoption of horizontal directional drilling machine has no influence on the surrounding environment, does not destroy the topography and the environment. It meets the requirements of environmental protection.

4.The construction is not limited by season, and has the characteristics of short construction, less personnel, high success rate and safe construction.

5.Compared with other construction methods, the construction site can be adjusted flexibly. It has low cost and fast construction speed.

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Horizontal Directional Drill

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