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What is The Characteristics of Horizontal Directional Drilling Construction?

Aug. 24, 2017

1.Horizontal Directional Drilling construction can not block the traffic, will not damage the green vegetation, not affect the shops, hospitals, normal life, solve the problem that traditional excavation disturb the lives of the residents, adapt to the environmental protection requirements.

2.Modernization equipment through high precision, easy to adjust the direction and depth of pipeline laying, meet the design requirements.

3.Using Horizontal Directional Drill, no water, underwater operation, does not affect the river navigable rivers, has good features of short construction period, high success rate and less personnel safe and so on.

4.The speed of entry and exit can be adjusted flexibly, especially in city construction can fully show its superiority.

5.It as function of corrosion protection and insulation, this can guarantee the pipeline running time longer.

Horizontal Directional Drilling

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