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Powerful Technique To Solve Rotary Piling Rig Off Floor

Jan. 13, 2018

1.If in the case of dry hole or casing process without water, the floor dropped in the hole, can hang steel wire rope and lift the floor.

2.When we use mud static pressure retaining wall or water quality stratum, if the diameter of off board above 1m, we can use the single cone helix 600mm diameter to salvage it.

3.If the off board diameter is less than 1m, can use rope and sleeve method.

4.If there is a rush and grab at the site of the project, you can use a punching grab.

5.For projects that do not want to waste time and money, can directly salvage the divers. Of course, they must be treated at the bottom without sediment.

6.If you do not need it, you can destroy it with impact drill directly. 

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