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How to Maintain Water Drilling Rig?

Nov. 16, 2017

Water drilling rig is widely used in water conservancy construction, farmland engineering and other Foundation Machinery. No matter what kind of equipment, need to pay attention to the use, then can improve production efficiency and extend service life.

1.Always pay attention to check the water and gas pipeline, drilling machine accessories bolts, nuts are firm.

2.Check the wind turbine lubricating oil situation.

3.The drilling rig is not allowed to be reversed during drilling, so that the drill pipe can fall into the hole.

4.When the Hydraulic Drilling Rig stops working in a short time, a small amount of compressed air should be given to prevent the sand from invading into the interior of the percussion device.

5.You should noted the sound of the impactor and gearbox operation.

6.Add new drill rod, pay attention to keep clean in the drill hole.

7.After working, promptly clean the surface of the engineering drilling rig dirt.

8.The drill pipe joint and reducer are lubricated with butter.

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