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What Should We Do When Handling Rotary Piling Rig Sticking?

Jan. 22, 2018

1.When Rotary Piling Rig sticking, do not increase the strength of the drill. We can try to put the drill bucket up and down repeatedly, and reverse rotation at the same time, so as to avoid hard pulling and lifting. 

2.Hoist and lift up directly with a crane. 

3.Dredging around the drill pipe, cutting and reverse circulation under water, cleaning the surrounding sediment. The drilling process may take a certain amount of time, in this time, we should keep the water pressure and mud stick to the rotary drill and prevent the hole from collapsing. 

The probability of the sticking is not large, but it still need to be prevented. In addition, we also can supply high quality Mud Solidification Unit, horizontal directional drilling with best price.

Mud Solidification Unit

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