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Main Factors Affecting the Operation Effect of Mud Solidification Unit

Nov. 07, 2017

Mud Solidification Unit working status, product quality, working efficiency take consider and measure from the feed composition, physical property, moisture, cake and filtrate into several concentrations and so on.

1.Feed pressure. In the actual production process, the filter pressure is generally provided by the feed pump, so the most important factor affecting the filtration speed is the feeding pressure of the feed pump. The feeding pressure directly affects the working conditions of the filter press, the separation effect of the press filter is also greatly related to it.

2.Feed ash. The content of fine mud in the slurry also determines the viscosity of the feed slurry, then affects the filtration rate. However, this kind of factor is almost uncontrollable in the production field.

3.Grain size composition of feed slurry. The influence of particle size of feed slurry on the filtration rate mainly depends on the content of the fine particles. The higher the content, the greater the specific surface area of the material and the lower the filtration rate. 

4.Feed slurry concentration. The lower the feed concentration, the higher the cake water content.

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