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XCMG XR150DIII Pile Driving Machine Successfully Worked in Maldives

Mar. 01, 2018

On 8th, February, our customized XR150DIII Pile Driving Machine worked successfully on his first job on the island in Maldives. This pile driving machine was customized according to customer’s requirements of driving piles on the seawater. It was improved on the basic XCMG XR150DIII, we add the high neck to make sure it can stand on the sea water, as well as the balcony to observe the working condition under the sea. The piles will be lifted by the vibro hammer which can work efficiently by using the hydraulic power of the Rotary Drilling Rig. Now it became a light spot on the Maldives sea as it was the first modified rotary drilling rig that can work smoothly on the sea.

Reman service, keep progress, we welcome customer to give us your own requirements and we will modify the machine accordingly. 

Pile Driving Machine

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