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Preparation of Small Rotary Piling Rig Before Construction

Sep. 05, 2017

The purpose of small size Rotary Piling Rig is to construct drilling holes and pour them into piles, so it is necessary to make adequate preparations before construction. Small Rotary Piling Machine drilling pile depth is generally between 15-26 meters, drilling pile pile diameter between 500-1500mm.

1.before construction, you must go to the construction site, carefully check the geological environment, determine construction topographic map.

2.For the construction site of the underground pipeline, the surrounding buildings have some understanding and doing careful measurement, to determine the construction plan of rotary excavation.

3.Detecting the performance of small rotary piling rig and components, installed drill bit that in accordance with the geological environment.

4.Prepare the measuring tools.

Rotary Piling Rig

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