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Scope Application of Large and Medium And Small Rotary Piling Rig

Dec. 14, 2017

Small Rotary Piling Rig application market is as follows: all kinds of building’s slope protection piles, building part bearing structure pile, urban transformation municipal projects, all kinds of piles with diameter less than 1m. the market coverage of minicomputer is over 30%.

The application of market positioning midrange is as follows: the large building, port city in the load-bearing structure of pile, the viaduct bridge, the other is the pile. The market coverage of mid sized rotary drilling rig is over 90%.

The application of large rotary piling rig is: various super large bridge for highway and railway bridge, the other large building special structure bearing pile foundation. The market coverage is over 10%.

Rotary Piling Machine with fast construction speed, good hole quality, small environmental pollution, convenient operation, high safety performance, driving speed and strong applicability and other advantages, it has become the main drilling equipment of bored pile construction.

Rotary Piling Rig

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