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How Can Rotary Piling Rig Be Adapted to All Kinds of Geological Construction?

Dec. 23, 2017

1.The operation mode should be changed according to the load and shock of the Rotary Piling Rig: when carrying out soft soil geological engineering, because its light load and high output it self, you can go out and drill at high speed. During the engineering of clay layer geology, it must be pressurized continuously. The most troublesome is the relatively large sand layer of friction, it requires you to stop pressure and back pressure to reduce your project time and the degree of machine wear. When encountering the oscillating geology with relatively high precision, it needs to be continuously pressurized and strongly shattered.

2.The rotational speed of the drill pipe needs to control the output of the rotary number through the soft and hard degree and the kind of geology. In the case of the pebble layer, the hard spearhead must be avoided and the slow drilling must be transferred. The bottom of the gravel use the medium speed drill.

3.When the engine speed is adjusted well, it is more efficient and energy saving.

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