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How To Prevent Rotary Piling Rig Turning Over?

Jan. 03, 2018

1.Constantly adjusts the gravity center of the Rotary Piling Rig according to the road conditions.

2.It must have enough bearing capacity and enough width, after making judgement and walk through.

3.When the hole is threatened, it needs to be treated in time and can be reopened.

4.China Rotary Piling Rig in the transport process, parking position should be flat and hard ground, when turning the dray should not be too hasty, to guarantee the handling safety of small rotary piling machine.

5.In strict accordance with the operation regulations, the crawler be widened then hang the drill rod.

Here to remind you that backfill mud pit, pile top have to make a mark, if the topography is bad, do not be brave or afraid of trouble. It can be tested to go if the front road is not sure. Accidents can be avoided, we need to pay more attention to the knowledge of this area.

Rotary Piling Rig

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