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Preventive Measures For Over diameter of Hole Forming in Rotary Piling Rig Hole Forming Process

Jan. 11, 2018

When the Rotary Piling Rig operation, if the water level is high, the soft stratum, to ensure the quality of the mud clearance, and can do fence and hole in the mud surface, to prevent mud surface lower than the underground water level, that will forming super size. 

Drilling work to the asthenosphere, can record how much each drilling depth, each time from the depth of drilling, control speed, reduce the vibration caused by the collapse. Keep the drill bit smooth, clean up near the bit clay regularly. In the same stratum, footage than in the normal formation, avoid drilling resistance. For the connection card between the drill bit, reduce the gap between the two, often clean up and repair.

Different geological conditions correspond to different solutions. The root of all problems of China Rotary Piling Machine should be the prevention of daily preventive maintenance. It is indispensable part.

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