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Fuel Saving Maintenance Methods of Rotary Piling Rig

Jan. 29, 2018

1.Regular maintenance of fuel system: Rotary Piling Rig has been used for long time, if the effect of internal fuel filter is not good, diesel sundries will affect fuel injection pump and increase fuel consumption, so periodic inspection and maintenance is necessary. At the same time, the use of better fuel than the poor quality of fuel, can make the engine to achieve rated power and use low fuel.

2.Keep clean air filter, too dirty will cause air not circulate, gas combustion is incomplete, engine power decline. 

3.It is necessary to replace the oil regularly, otherwise it will affect the wear and tear of the components, then affect the oil consumption.

4.Do a good job of other maintenance work of Rotary Piling Machine

Rotary piling rig is relatively high oil consumption according to the complexity of geological construction. If improve the fuel efficiency and control consumption effectively, it will help to improve the economic efficiency.

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