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Construction Method of Rotary Piling Rig for Pebble Geology

Mar. 16, 2018

Buried shallow sand coating, largely appeared on the lake bank of this river, the building of common issues with the reduce security tube, the pit simple to collapse. For the more professional Rotary Piling Rig, then use the protect push, push the sleeve, then drilling 40cm push the tubing to the reduced pressure is simple to address the base of the sleeve along with the top outermost coating leakage.

There are lots of techniques to fix the slurry issue. In cases like this, I just introduce one way, which may essentially address the issue of caving and leakage of this pebble bed.

It's well-known that the magnitude of this sand isn't too big to guard the pure pebble bed, since the ratio of sand is much less than that of pebbles. Specifically, the depth of this pebble bed is greater than 15 meters, which considerably raises the danger of injuries in structure. The main reason for adopting this way is the small diameter piece of this drill has a little effect on the hole wall and lessens the likelihood of this collapse and perfusion. Welcome to contact us for any question about China Rotary Piling Machine.

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