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Five Factors of Rotary Piling Rig Slipping

Nov. 14, 2017

1.Mud factor. In the process of repeated use of the the slurry concentration and the proportion of added conditions to form a floating drill, the hole bottom pressure to force, because the speed of the bit faster, mud played side effect at this time, lubricate hole bottom clay and the drill tooth cutting face. The slip is produced under the action of mud. Manual control of the rotation of the power head, add pressure slowly, then you can handle it.

2.Drilling tool factor. Because the drilling tool is not concentric with the drill pipe, the base cone is not good, the gear teeth are too close, Rotary Piling Rig tool wear is severe, cause slip.

3.Geological factor. Some of the geology is mudstone, compressive strength is not high, easy to slip. It require operators have certain construction experience.

4.Improper manipulation. Operation and reasonable selection of drill bit are the most basic factors to deal with slipping.

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