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How to Maintain The Rotary Piling Rig in New Period?

Feb. 26, 2018

The first 100 hours is the new period of Rotary Piling Rig, during this period, the machine should be used carefully, it can not be used to engage in working with too much load and high intensity. The 50 hours if new period of running, only 80% of the working load is allowed. The Rotary Piling Machine service life is affected by the good or bad of the running during the new period. 

After the first 50 hours of work, the first inspection and maintenance should be carried out according to the inspection schedule, and replace the related oil and filter. At the same time, check the pollution of hydraulic oil, its value can not be greater than NAS9 level, otherwise it need replace new hydraulic oil. 

When the hydraulic system is not working, it can not make the engine run at high speed. Only when the temperature of the hydraulic oil exceeds 20 degrees Celsius, the working device can be manipulated.

Rotary Piling Rig

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