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What Are the requirements for the Geographical and Climatic Conditions of Rotary Piling Rig?

Mar. 08, 2018

1.The site should be smooth, solid, if there are holes, blind pile or geological loose belt, there must be set up safety signs. 

2.The Rotary Piling Rig can not operate close to high voltage transmission line, if it is necessary to operate alongside the line, it must take protective measures and keep safe distance.

3.During the operation, the two sides of the mast should be ensured not to exceed the design limit. 

4.The rainy season operation require the work site must have drainage. 

5.During the night work or the fog and wind climate, we should increase the lighting and take careful of the operation. 

The rotary piling machine is a large mechanical Foundation Equipment, the wrong operation of the manipulator or the influence of geography, all will lead to its reduced service life. In addition to the above points, the maintenance of the rotary piling rig after use is also important.

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