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Five Reasons for Broken Pile of Rotary Piling Rig?

Sep. 12, 2017

Broken pile is a very serious quality accident. Prevention of accidents, take remedial measures in timely manner. Follows are some causes of broken piles of Rotary Piling Rig:

1.Perfusion time is long, the surface concrete lost liquidity, forming a hard cover and continue to cast concrete bursting hard layer increased, mixed with mud gravel surface covered, this is the main factor causing broken pile accident.

2.The broken section caused by the lack of section strength of the pile body.

3.Because of the collapse of the hole caused broken pile.

4.Broken pipe caused by inlet of pipe. The water tightness, pressure and tensile properties of the pipe are poor, and the water separation facilities are poor, which leads to the seepage of the pipe. The first batch of concrete is not enough, lead to the inlet of the pipe. 

5.When the pile extension, did not deal with the excess part of the pile head seriously. 

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