• Rotary Piling Rig XR130E

Rotary Piling Rig XR130E

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Product Description

It adopts dedicated TDP series hydarulic retractable chassis and large-diameter slewing bearing and has high stability and convenience of tranport. It has long wheel base which makes it very adaptable to the terrain. Transport of the machine includes a drilling bar.

Rotary drive, main winch and auxiliary winch have high output speed, which develops the efficiency of work.

It use guangxi cummins turbocharged engine with electro-control which provides strong power and meets the requirements of EU3 emission standard, can select imported engine of cummins. Also with imported Kawasaki hydraulic system with high reliability and a lot of technology of XCMG.

Rated powerkW169
Rotary driveMax. Output torqueKN . m130
Rotary speedr/min8~35
Spin of speed(optional )
Max. Drilling diametermm¢1500
Max. Drilling depthm50
Crowd cylinderMax. Pull-down piston pushkN 200
Max. Pull-down piston pullkN 200
Max. Pull-down piston stoke11
Main winchMax. Pulling forcekN140
Max. Line speedm/min75
Auxiliary winchMax. Pulling forcekN50
Max. Line speedm/min70
Mast rake side/forwards/backwards
UndercarriageMax. Traveling speedKm/h2.7
Max. Grade ability%40
Min. clearancemm345
Track shoe widthmm600
Distance between tracksmm2500~3600
Hydraulic systemWorking pressureMpa35
Overall drilling weightt43
DimensionWorking conditionmm7546x3600x17724
Transportation conditionmm14097x2500x3500

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