• Rotary Piling Machine

Rotary Piling Machine

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Product Description

The special hydraulic chassis for the rotating drill with extensible crawler is provided with the excellent stability and is convenient to transport.

The complete machine has passed CE certification of TüV Rheinland group.

The imported Cummins turbo-supercharged engine is powerful, and has sufficient power reserve.

The machine adapt single row rope for main winch to figure out the wear of steel rope. extend the life-span. And high reliability .

Optional configuration according to customers' requirement, E.g: Crowd winch, Outrigger cylinder, Sleeve-driven and so on.

The rotary drive can switch from Nromal Mode, Rock Mode and Energy-Saving Mode, the user can select a corresponding mode of the rotary drive according to the specific working conditions, which can greatly improve the working efficiency and low the fuel consumption.

It is equipped with a centralized lubrication system as standard configuration to provide more convenient maintenance and make the machine a good reliability .

Rated powerkW298
Rotary driveMax. Output torqueKN . m280
Rotary speedr/min6~22
Max. Drilling diametermm¢2200
Max. Drilling depthm88
Crowd  cylinderMax. Pull-down piston pushkN 210
Max. Pull-down piston pullkN 220
Max. Pull-down piston stoke6
Crowd winchMax. Pull-down piston pushkN300
Max. Pull-down piston pullkN300
Max. Pull-down piston stokem16
Main winchMax. Pulling forcekN260
Max. Line speedm/min60
Auxiliary winchMax. Pulling forcekN80
Max. Line speedm/min65
Mast rake side/forwards/backwards
UndercarriageMax. Traveling speedKm/h1.5
Max. Grade ability%35
Min. clearancemm445
Track shoe widthmm800
Distance between tracksmm3500~4800
Hydraulic systemWorking pressureMpa32
Overall drilling weightt96
DimensionWorking conditionmm10770x4800x23550
Transportation conditionmm17410x3500x3520

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