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Our Rotary Piling Rig in Tibet

Jul. 06, 2017

Recently, in Tibet S5 Lhasa to Zetang Expressway site, 7 sets of rotary piling rigs such as Rotary Piling Rig 280DII, XR280D, XR360 and XR400D are in joint construction. These large tonnage rotary piling rigs in high altitude area rely on abundant power output, strong ability to overcome all kinds of geological conditions of rock into the complex, highlighting the high quality of our Rotary Piling Rig.

The S5 project is located in Deqin Expressway Lazer Dagze County town and Zhanang County both Guigala sang Ye Zhen, deep mountain terrain and geological construction, the situation is extremely complicated, there are boulders and weathered granite and basalt complex geology, easy hole collapse, the construction is very difficult. The design of the pile foundation is 1800 - 2200mm, and the depth is 38 - 62 meters. The project was originally constructed by impact drilling, with a single hole forming time reaching one month. Our rotary piling rig can shorten the hole forming time to 2 days, which has been well received by the owner and the project department.

Rotary Piling Rig

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