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Brief Introduction of Environmental Machinery

Nov. 02, 2017

Environmental Machinery is used to control environmental pollution, environmental protection activated carbon, improve environmental quality and production units or construction and installation units manufactured mechanical products, structures and system. Some people believe that China Environmental Machinery refers to the mechanical processing of environmental pollution products, such as dust collector, welding fume purifier, water treatment equipment, noise controller, etc. This kind of understanding is not comprehensive. Environmental equipment should also include the transmission of power equipment containing pollutant fluid substances, such as desander, Mud Solidification Unit, slurry mixer, conveyors, etc. At the same time also ensure monitoring and control instruments of pollution control facilities or normal operation, such as test instruments, pressure gauge, flow monitoring device, etc. Environmental governance is the urgent matter, we should pay more attention to environmental protection. It should include complete sets of equipment, can control the environment in industrial or household appliances.

Mud Solidification Unit

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