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What Operating Systems Are There in the Rotary Piling Machine?

Mar. 13, 2018

Rotary Piling Machine mainly consists of four parts: operation system, power system, walking system and drilling system. The operating system mainly consists of hydraulic drive, computer control and power system, which provides drilling and walking power by diesel engine. 

The drilling system is made of two parts: drill bit and drill pipe. The drill bit is made of auger and slag bucket, there are various type to replace according to different geological conditions. the rotary piling rig is equipped with vertical and horizontal leveling system, so as to ensure the perpendicularity of the hole, and can show the depth of the drill barrel at any time. The Rotary Piling Rig has wide range of application and high efficiency. During construction, different bits are arranged according to different strata. 

1.Long drills are used in many loess strata, which can speed up the drilling speed. 

2.In sand cobblestone, we can use short drill tube, the mud wall is configured to control the drilling speed.

3.For boulders and soft rock layer, we can replace short spiral drilling head, after loosing, change to long spiral tube to continue drilling. 

The above is the most comprehensive operation system of rotary piling rig. Any question, welcome to consult.

Rotary Piling Rig

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